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Short Documentary

Studio 3 | Sunday, 2nd June | 13:00 — 15:45

Dhvani – The Sound Around

35m — India

World Premiere

Tucked in the foothills of the grand Himalayas, away from the hustle and bustle of a development-chasing world, a few practitioners harness the energy of sound to heal the mind and body. The eye is masculine while the ear is feminine, says a sage. This masculinity has driven our popular culture. The tendency to sit back with calm and absorb is dwindling.

Anurag Dwivedi

Growing up in close proximity to the ghats around Varanasi, instilled in me my passion for music, culture, art and cinema. During High School, I discovered my fascination with audio-visual technology and began to nurture that passion, teaching myself. Eventually, I took a leap of faith and dropped out of my B-tech degree course to join an audio recording studio in Delhi to fully immerse myself in the craft.

Nusa Ina

33m — Netherlands

International Premiere

60 years after their refuge to the Netherlands, Loey Tamaëla and his family are still hoping to one day return to a free Moluccas. Their memories of Nusa Ina, the mother island, strengthen a dream of protecting their Moluccan identity. Perhaps knowing that everything will eventually become history.

Anne Jan Sijbrandij

Anne Jan Sijbrandij is a documentary filmmaker from the Netherlands. He graduated with his short documentary ‘Nusa Ina’ (Mother Island), about the Moluccan longing for freedom. For his bachelor he realized ‘The silence of a flower’, in which he goes on a personal investigation into his family’s Indonesian past.

The Moon Will Contain Us

18m — Costa Rica

As a magical moon creeps in, different timelines entwine in the mysterious and stagnant town of Manzanillo.

Kim Torres

Kim Torres is a Costa Rican screenwriter and director. Her work focuses on inquiries about identity and the experience of inhabiting a body and a place, exploring narratives that play with a free and experimental cinema. Her shorts have been screened in Cannes, Locarno, MoMa and Lincoln Center, among others.

Toros Bravos: Julián Cartas

16m — United States

Asian Premiere

Set in central Mexico, “Toros Bravos: Julián Cartas” tells the story of a retired matador and showcases the culture and spirit of bullfighting in Mexico today.

Jack LaCalle

Jack LaCalle is a filmmaker originally from San Antonio, Texas. He is an M.F.A Candidate in the Science and Natural History Filmmaking Program at Montana State University. In 2021, along with his brother Will LaCalle, Jack co-founded Generate, an independent film company focused on documentary storytelling.

In The Line Of Fire

13m — Singapore

International Premiere

Set against the backdrop of an active volcano in Bali, In The Line Of Fire is a documentary that unravels an intertwining and pensive portrait of two of its inhabitants and their families.

Felix Kenneth Galistan

Felix Galistan is a multi-disciplinary filmmaker whose work cuts across narrative and commercial filmmaking. At the heart of his work is the passion for telling stories from perspectives yet to be heard.

Vibrations: Dharma Punks

39m — United States

World Premiere

World music documentary series, disc jockey/band manager Rudolf Dethu unpacks the history of Bali’s thriving punk scene. Marshello Aryafara leads a good-timing rockabilly band as a father of two and a hard-working lifeguard. Jakarta soul-singer Iqua Tahlequa defies social taboos and makes an impressive debut.

Benjamin Steger

Filmmaker Benjamin Steger has been making experimental, documentary, and narrative fiction films since the 1990s. His documentary work features lyrical, empathetic character studies that explore the core of the human experience. His feature length documentary, Stage Four: A Love Story (2015), was awarded “Best International Feature Length Documentary” at the 2016 DOCFeed Documentary Festival in the Netherlands and “Best Feature Length Documentary” at the 69th Annual University Film and Video Association International Conference.