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Official Selection

Studio 4
Thursday, 6th June | 16:30 — 19:00


20m — Malaysia

International Premiere

In the bustling city, Samri has gradually become disconnected from his Mah Meri heritage and his estranged father. However, when he receives devastating news from home, he must confront the very things he has spent his entire life evading, and return to his roots. Overwhelmed with regret he finally releases all the emotions and secrets he has been harboring deep within.

Syahmi Norsan

I’m a Malaysian filmmaker from Kuala Lumpur, known for winning BMW Shorties 2022 grand prize titled “Fasa” and multiple awards that year including best director, best actor and top 10 finalist. I’m a graduated student from University Kuala Lumpur with Diploma in Multimedia. Since then i gained my experience in filmmaking, learning from my peers and the projects i has worked on. I’m already looking forward to direct and write more stories.

The Professional Parent

14m — Slovakia

World Premiere

Ingrid lives in a small village in eastern Slovakia, where the Roma population is the victim of a tenacious stigma. Despite this, Ingrid decides to become the legal representative of a young Roma girl, which upsets the fragile balance of her home.

Erik Jasaň

Erik Jasaň is a graduate in dramatic art at the Conservatory in Bratislava and media production at the Higher Vocational School of Film in Košice, Slovakia. As a director, he deals with sensitive topics that affect the inhabitants of eastern Slovakia.


11m — United Kingdom

Step into the excitement and the energy of Nyepi festival, a completely unique event held annually on the island of the Gods, Bali! Meet Kedux and Gusman, two artists creating never-before-seen ogoh-ogoh and being guided by cultural expert Marlow Bandem.

 James D Bowen

James D Bowen, accomplished film director, director of photography and editor. James serves as the creative force and guiding visionary at Overcrank Media, a prominent production house based in Bali. Originating from England, he cultivated his passion for filmmaking during his tenure with leading advertising agencies in Europe.

Three Ways To Remember

10m — Indonesia

World Premiere

Lily and Jay were flying in the Capital sky, and decided to talk about how they would die and be remembered. But their conversation came to a halt, because Lily could never answer several of Jay’s questions.

Adi Victory

Adi Victory is film director from Jakarta, Indonesia. He has made digital commercials, music videos, and short films. His latest short film, Lasagna ‘eve without adam’ has been screened in numerous International Film Festival such as Bogotá Short Film Festival, Nepal International Human Rights Film Festival, Oslo International Short Film Festival.
He won various awards in short films, such as Europe On Screen, Worldfest Houston International Film Festival, Jakarta Independent Film Festival, etc.

Song of the Conscripts

20m — China

World Premiere

Tang Dynasty deserter Lashatuo saves a baby and finds shelter with a woman Wang Hun while he is being pursued. He wakes to find the woman and baby gone and realizes that Wang Hun is a vengeful ghost.

Fan Chonglang

Fan Chonglang, male, born on February 8, 1984, graduated from Shanxi Normal University with a master’s degree in world history. From 2012 to 2022, he served in the Armed Police Engineering University. In 2022, he was transferred to the Director Department of Beijing Film Academy for one year.


02m — Iran

International Premiere

The child is drawing a boat, but the river has no water.

Reza Zareh Javan

He was born in 2008. He got his Bachelor in Elementary Education from Farhangian Shahid Motahari University, Zahedan.

Las Memorias Perdidas De Los Árboles

20m — Italy

Asian Premiere

In the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, two trees awaken in the night and embark on a spiritual journey to discover a past in which they were two sibling children.

Antonio La Camera

Antonio La Camera (1990), after graduating in Cinema and Visual Arts with a grade of 110 cum laude at the DAMS of Roma Tre University, attends directing and screenwriting courses at the “Sentieri Selvaggi” film school. He was later admitted to the High Specialization Course in Film Direction “Fare Cinema” directed by Maestro Marco Bellocchio and held by Manetti Bros.

Filmed under supervision of legendary director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. 

Tahiara, A Main Character In An Opera

15m — Indonesia

Asian Premiere

On Mother’s Day, Tahiara ventured home to her mother for the first time since her decision to convert and become a nun.

Rivaldi Hidayat

Rivaldi Hidayat was born in South Tangerang, November 9, 2003. He began to be interested in the audio & visual field since SMK with a major in Multimedia, then continued his education at the Jakarta Arts Institute, majoring in Film & Television. During his time at the Jakarta Arts Institute, Rivaldi has produced several short films, including Monotonous (2021) as Director, Tahiara, A Main Character In An Opera (2022) as Director. In The Midst Of Togetherness (2023) as Producer.

Grave Of Love

19m — Indonesia

Asian Premiere

Alam’s son was murdered and his body was thrown away because he was considered a thug. All this time, Nature remained silent in the place where she last saw the child and used the grave as a place to express her longing. Two years later, an industrial center will be built on the land and the only person who doesn’t want to sell the land is Alam.

Arfi Syabanuari Nurarief

Arfi Sn is a film activist in Kab. Garut. Awal Sinema was founded in 2021, which has now changed its name to Hyptlab. Has produced several films as a film director and screenwriter.

The Whistle Starts Whispering of the Conscripts

09m — Indonesia

International Premiere

One day at a stadium, football fans start arriving to watch their beloved team’s match.

Yusuf Jacka Ardana

Yusuf Jacka Ardana (born 2000) is a film student. His short films have already been selected and/or screened in various national and international film festivals, such as Minikino Film Week and Jakarta Film Week. The Whistle Starts Whispering is his first short documentary debut.

When People Talking About My ‘P’

18m — Indonesia

Asian Premiere

Putra, a 5 year old boy, is circumcised for the first and last time. His mother Yeni is preparing a party for him when suddenly he faints with something strange happening to his genitals.

Muhammad Dwiki Viansa

Muhammad Dwiki Viansa, prefers to be called Wiki. He was born in Majenang, Cilacap Regency, and grew up in the city of Bandung. He has just graduated from Pasundan University with a major in Photography and Film. Interestingly, he found that there were very few film-related courses in his studies. He has a strong desire to learn and gain knowledge from the world of cinema.