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Animation Selection

Studio 3 | Thursday, 6th June | 15:00 — 15:40


04m — Indonesia

Asian Premiere

A young boy is on holiday with his parents and throughout the journey, the parents often argue without paying attention to the child until they stop close to the forest where the child meets a mysterious woman – Wewe Gombel.

Elisabeth Katie Soleman

Elisabeth Katie Soleman is an alumni at Pelita Harapan University majoring in animation and visual communication design. Katie was born on November 11, 2000. Katie has loved drawing since childhood and has been involved in the world of art until she went to college and started entering the world of animation in 2020.

Friend Machine

01m — Indonesia

World Premiere

An unlikely friendship between a lonely little tinker and a man

Putik Amirasari

Coming from a design background, Putik found a passion in the animation world after exploring her career. She is currently studying Character Animation at Central Saint Martins UAL.


01m — Indonesia

World Premiere

A faceless woman must pick the type of person she wants to be for the day.


SHAFYNI is an Indonesian artist & animator currently studying MA Character Animation at Central Saint Martins. Her works have a particular atmosphere that aims to spark emotional discomfort within people and allows them to think about their relationship between themselves and the world around them.

Dino finding Color’s

05m — Indonesia

World Premiere

A stop motion short film that tells the twists and turns, and emotional dialectics of life when making choices. A sentimental reflection, which happens in the anxiety of young people, when choosing decisions towards the process of wisdom in living life.

Muaz Giras

Muaz was born in Sragen in 1997. Currently he lives in Yogyakarta for the arts. He founded the Symbiosis community that works in the arts and the
environment in 2018.


11m — France

International Premiere

Anne’s only escape from her gloomy life is painting. Unfortunately, in the highly controlled, hierarchical society in which she lives, painting and access to color are virtually impossible. But Anne doesn’t intend to submit so easily to the rules, even if it means risking her own life.

 Lintang Ratuwulandari

Lintang Ratuwulandari was born in Jakarta in 1993. She has lived in Amiens since 2011. Passionate about cartoons, she began learning animation at a very early age, and went on to make her first self-produced films. Her projects have been selected at festivals around the world, and screened as previews in French cinemas. Her work has been the subject of several retrospectives in Indonesia. She is also the author of an essay on independent animated film production, published by Editions du Lys Bleu.

I’m Hip

04m — United States

A self-absorbed cat, in a jazzy song and dance, proudly and comically proclaims his “hipness” to the world. The world is less convinced than he is.

John Edward Musker

John Musker is a 40 year veteran of the Walt Disney Animation Studio where he was an animator, writer, director, and producer. John grew up in Chicago, Illinois as part of a large Irish Catholic family. He followed up his English Literature studies at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, with two years at CalArts as part of the new Character Animation Program in the mid-Seventies, where he learned not only from Disney and Chouinard veterans like Elmer Plummer, Bill Moore, and Ken O’Connor.

Howl if You Love Me

07m — United States

Asian Premiere

Boy has girl. Boy loses girl. Boy wins girl back, but girl is a werewolf

John R. Dilworth

Academy Award nominated director John R. Dilworth is a New York-based animation director and designer whose work has appeared on Netflix, Showtime, HBO, FOX, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, MTV, Canal +, and Arte. His films have screened in museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. He is the founder of Stretch Films, Inc., an independent animation design and production studio in New York City.

Mr Chicken Goes to Mars

03m — Australia

Asian Premiere

Mr Chicken goes to Mars. It’s a big day .

Katrina Mathers & Leigh Hobbs

KATRINA MATHERS is an Australian AACTA-winning filmmaker; her 20+ shorts have screened at leading international film festivals such as Annecy, Stuttgart, Clermont Ferrand, TIFF, Sitges and SIGGRAPH, and won over 50 awards, including at Melbourne, Sydney, Flickerfest, St Kilda and Adelaide film festivals locally.

EIGH HOBBS is an Australian artist and author, best known in Australia and the UK for his children’s books which feature his characters Old Tom, Horrible Harriet, Mr Chicken, Mr Badger, Fiona the Pig and the Freaks in 4F. His primary publisher is Allen & Unwin.