Yantra: The Sacred Ink

LANGUAGE: Thailand
Cedric Arnold – Thailand – 10 MINS

Short Film     Documentary

For centuries, Thai men have covered their bodies with protective tattoos. Old temple murals show epic scenes of swords breaking apart when hitting a tattooed soldier’s skin. The tradition was handed down by… Read More

Whale Watching

Joseph J.U. Taylor, Sarah Mühlhause – Indonesia – 2 MINS

Short Film

When heavily pregnant Steph catches Jack eyeing an attractive young woman she is far from impressed.… Read More

Water is Life

Short Film

Breath taking clear blue ocean, with many hidden paradises still unveiled. The beauty of its nature unites with exotic culture makes Bali a heaven on earth that everyone is dying to visit – 80% Bali’s economic revenues… Read More

Wage | Free Entry

LANGUAGE: Indonesian
John de Rantau, Azuzan Juan Gontarella – Indonesia – 125 MINS

Feature Film     Biography, Drama, History
Read More

Voices of the Jungle

LANGUAGE: Dayak, Indonesian
Sanne van Oort & Leonardo Imanuel Samson – Indonesia – 12 MINS

Short Film     Documentary

Leo, a young Dayak, visits his family for the Tiwah ceremony in the village where he was once living in Central Kalimantan. When he grew up, nature surrounded him. Now, years later, the environment is endangered by mining companies taking over the land.… Read More

Villa Berdarah

LANGUAGE: Indonesian
BAMBANG DRIAS – Indonesia – 90 MINS

Feature Film     Horror

Nina, 28, is an Indo-French girl who is on holiday in Indonesia. Together with her friends Wynne, Cherry and Bulan,, the girls vacation in a villa that belonged to Nina’s late mother. Everything seems perfect, until the next day when Nina goes missing. One by one the girls experience their own horrible terror.… Read More

Valen’s Reef | Free Entry

Short Film

“Dive with Ronald Mambrasar and his son, Valen, into crystal-clear waters teeming with fish. It’s be hard to believe that, a little over a decade ago, these treasures were almost lost — only to be rescued by one of the … Read More

Underwater Carnival | Free Entry

Otto C. Honegger – Indonesia, Switzerland – 49 MINS

International Premiere

Fantastic underwater world and a crazy carnival – How can that go together? The Swiss underwater cameraman Edi Frommenwiler convinces the famous fashion designer Dynand Fariz with his videos to take up subjects… Read More

Uncle Jessie White – Portrait of a Delta Blues Man in Detroit

Anne Marie Hudak, Stashu Kybartas – United States – 60 MINS

Documentary     Biography, music blues

Uncle Jessie White – Portrait of a Delta Bluesman in Detroit is a documentary film about the late Jessie White, an influential blues artist who has had a profound effect on multiple generations of musicians in the Detroit … Read More

Unbalanced Corner, Unfinished Book

LANGUAGES: English, Indonesian
Ryan Sebastian – Indonesia – 6 MINS

World Premiere
Short Film

Different activites in human duality. An act of balancing the unbalanced in the case of gender.… Read More

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