Program Book 2019

Award Winners 2019

Best Feature
SAENG-IL (Birthday) (Jong-Un Lee) - Republic of Korea

Best Documentary
BRUCE LEE AND THE OUTLAW (Joost Vandebrug) - Netherlands

Best Short Subject
THE WIND PHONE (Kristen Gerwick) - USA

Gary L Hayes Award for Best Emerging Indonesian Filmmaker
RAMA BAYU AJI (Sarvani Bhutani (All Living Beings))

Special Mention
TUNGRUS (Rishi Chandra) - India

Jury 2019

Maryanne Redpath
Curator of the Generation Section, Berlin International Film Festival

Cornelio Sunny
Prolific film producer and Indonesian actor.

Fátima Lianes
Producer of Emmy award winning The Young Pope.

Paul Agusta
Award winning Indonesian director & actor.

Popo Danes
Renowned Balinese architect.

David Metcalf
Documentary producer and founder International Indigenous Film Festival Bali

Lawrence Blair
Author and Emmy award winning filmmaker.

Participating Industry Professionals 2019

Rizal Ramli, recognized and respected national leader, both in Indonesian and across the Indonesian political spectrum. Ramli’s four-decade long career has included government positions at the commanding heights of the Indonesian economy spearheading numerous policy reforms, setting the stage for his country’s entering the prestigious ranks of the G-20. He is known as a voice in the local and international media advocating for democracy, civil justice, transparency and good governance.

Robin Gurney, Producer and executive known for Shark, the Playboy Club and Most Likely To Succeed. Gurney is a former Senior Vice President, Original Programming for Showtime Networks Inc where she was responsible for development and creative oversight of original series including Twin Peaks.

Donna Smith, as the first female to be President of Production for a Hollywood Studio (Universal Studios), Women in Film trustee. and producer of numerous films including Oscar winners; The English Patient, The Matrix, Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon, The Terminator, Raging Bull, Smith has been a fixture at the Balinale sharing her extensive experience and knowledge with local filmmakers. She is a Completion Bond veteran and appointed US Ambassador of Film to China.

Ismail Basbeth, Producer, Director & Writer a self-taught filmmaker whose films have been recognized at prestigious national and international film festivals. Alumni of Berlinale Talent Campus and Asian Film Academy, he won the BFC & SHOCS Scholarship Fund. Producer and co-founder of Matta Cinema, he focuses on working with unique and creative directors for global audiences. Bosan Berisik Lab, is a non-profit inter-disciplinary laboratory that empowers young filmmakers, artists and writers to create creative and experimental works.

Hanung Bramantyo, Director known as one of Indonesia’s leading filmmakers. Bramantyo made his directorial debut with the short film Tlutur followed by his feature-length debut Brownies. The religious romance Ayat-Ayat Cinta was a critical and commercial success. His works have covered a variety of genres and political ideologies receiving numerous awards, including two Citra Awards for Best Director at the Indonesian Film Festival. His latest Bumi Manusia is Balinale’s Closing Night film.

Sarah Xu, Co-founder and CEO of AY Entertainment Group Inc. which books and promotes A lists artists, Broadway and CIRQUE shows in Asia. She is Co-founder of FMX New Media Inc., which is a platform to provide VR/AR related production services and content distributor of new digital platform for both American and China. 2W Network Entertainment LLC is partnering with Balinale seeking film projects for multichannel distributors in China.

Putrama Tuta, Director of Catatan Harian Si Boy, Noah Awal Semula and A Man Called Ahok, which was the first biopic to reach the top 10 Indonesian box office successes and was awarded Best Director. Tuta is founder and CEO of The United Team of Art.

Julia Gouw, Executive Producer of Bali: Beats of Paradise, a movie about the life journey of a young couple from Bali who went to America to teach gamelan and Balinese dancing at UCLA and California Arts Institute. Gouw is passionate in promoting Indonesian cultures to America. She was ranked one of the “25 Most Powerful Women in Banking” five times by American Banker magazine.

Djenar Maesa Ayu, Writer and Director of award winning film work; They Say I'm A Monkey, Nay and If This Is My Story showing in Balinale. Djenar won Best Supporting actress for Kartini. She is publisher of 7 collections of short stories and the novel Nayla. Suckling Father won Jurnal Perempuan’s Best Short Story and Nayla's Time awarded Kompas’ Best Short Story.

Richard Oh, Filmmaker and novelist. Director of the movie adaptation of Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s classic novel "Perburuan," or "The Fugitive," first published in 1950. Oh is known for novels; "The Pathfinders of Love" (1999) and "Heart of the Night" (2000) and films such and "Melancholy Is a Movement" (2015). His film "Koper" ("The Lost Suitcase, 2006) was shown at the very first Balinale. He's founder of Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa, Indonesia's literary award now in its 19th year.

Sha Ine Febriyanti, Actress in theater & film and director who began her career as a model. She has represented Indonesia at the International Theater Festival in Gori, Georgia and won a scholarship from the Asian Film Academy, Busan, South Korea, and awarded for her work at the Indonesian Film Festival. Febriyanti is at Balinale to present Bumi Manusia directed by Hanung Bramantyo.

Rukman Rosadi, Actor in film and theatre, Acting Coach. Saturday Acting Club Founder and Theatre Director. Rosadi has performed as an actor and assistant director, known for such notable films as; Kucumbu tubuh indahku (2018), Pesantren Impian (2016) and Sultan Agung: Tahta, Perjuangan, Cinta (2018).

Julian Grimmond, Emmy Award winning Producer and Founder of GFS Indonesia. GFS Indonesia connects great Indonesian content with the global screen industry. Grimmond is the former Chairman of Film New Zealand and a Director of Auckland Film Studios.

Maryanne Redpath Maryanne Redpath, Head of the Generation Section of the Berlin International Film Festival, is delighted to reinforce Berlinale Generation’s identity, which has always been about making artistically high-quality, challenging and inspiring cinema accessible to young cineastes and committed audiences of all ages.

Cornelio Sunny

Caecilia Sherina CinemaWithoutWall

David Richard

Andra Fembriarto

Ayu Laksmi

Rangga Nattra

Randi Korompis

Andreas Tika

Davide Dominici

Difizckal Satriatama

Joseph Taylor

Fatima Lianes

David Metcalf

Paul Agusta

Mulana Aziz

Joe Yaggi

Mohammad Mozafari

Muhammad Ikhwan

Niratha Diwangkara

Rama Bayu Aji

Wyatt Daily

Reza Fahriyansyah

Vito Joedo

I Gede Gandhi Bramayusa

Christine Steele

Geed Saputra

Tara Adia

BW Purba Negara

Friska Aldilla

Irfan Thamrin

Denny Chrisna

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