Recognized internationally for the diversity of its programming consisting of Indonesian and international independent and award winning fiction, documentary, feature and short films, Balinale is credited for the quality of the associated events attended by leading filmmakers who help us achieve our goals of bringing together a gathering of global creativity.

Balinale is known for its specialized knowledge and importance in promoting Indonesian cinema acting as a platform and history of supporting established and aspiring local filmmakers. Our education-focused initiatives of workshops and seminars are an important part of the program. Established in 2007, the non-profit non-government festival is strongly supported by the community.

Balinale actively participates and contributes to other industry events developing affiliations, such as; Motion Picture Association, Asia Pacific Screen Awards (Australia), ASEAN International Film Festival & Awards (Malaysia), Asian Film Commissions Network (20 member countries), American Film Showcase, Asian Film Awards (HK) and Sundance Institute's Film Forward (USA).

The festival holds the honor of receiving the endorsement of the National and Provincial Government for its proven efforts in delivering cultural, political and economic benefits to the country.

"Film Festivals and Film Industry Events attract worldwide attention creating a positive image of the destination impacting on the local and regional economy."

Inviting celebrities and developing contacts within the film industry is an effective marketing tool for promoting the destination."

World Tourism Organisation (UN-WTO)