Jeane Huang

Executive Director, Urban Nomad Film Festival. Former Director, Taipei Film Festival. Jeane was Juror to Asian Film Awards, Tokyo International Film Festival, HAF/FOX projects and acts as an Advisor to Balinale. Her roles include; Consultancy Committee member, BAMID, Ministry of Culture Taiwan. Former Editor in Chief, Taiwan Cinema English magazine.

Orlow Seunke

Dutch Film Producer and Director. Orlow has lived in Indonesia since 2002 and was director of the Jakarta International Film Festival (JiFFest), as well as, Europe on Screen Festival. He was Producer of the feature film ‘Jermal’ (2008) and continues to be well respected within the Indonesian film community and a recognized filmmaker internationally.

Rayya Makarim

An Indonesian scriptwriter for Film and TV. Rayya graduated with a B.A. in Film from Vassar College, NY, USA. Granted the British Chevening Award for an M.A. in 20th Century Literature and Philosophy at Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK. Her recent screenplay 'Buffalo Boys' (2018) was selected as Singapore's entry for Foreign Language Film to the Academy Awards.

Marinta Serina Singarimbun

As an accomplished author of “Mata Jiwa, Into the Eye of Life: A Memoir of Tenganan Pagringsingan”, she is a great supporter of the creative industries assisting with local organizations and programs including a short film festival Minikino Bali amongst others. Her passion for film started from a very early age and Marinta continues to be an advocate for the Balinale.