Deborah Gabinetti

Festival Founder & Executive Director

Deborah established the festival in 2007 to support educational programs, community events & the local film industry. As Director of Bali Film Center, Business Member of Location Managers Guild International and Founding Member of Asian Film Commissions Network, she actively promotes Indonesia as a film & event destination

Siti Sundari

Executive Secretary & Foundation Treasurer

Sundari is responsible for overseeing the day to day Festival operations and organization of its related programs throughout the year. She effectively handles the charity programs and is the government liaison

Inneke Indriyani

Festival Producer

Instrumental in assisting with the Festival's overall development and passionate about the Educational & Cultural Programs, Inneke is experienced in handling international productions interested in filming in Indonesia

Dean Allan Tolhurst

Technical Advisor

Award winning director, producer, editor and composer with over 30 years experience in the film and television industry in Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA. As a professional, Dean ensures all technical aspects of the festival are handled to international standards

Flor Wouters


Flor provides the festival with a unique and creative look for the program, website and overall communications. Flor is always creating, if not graphics, then music as Crap Salad, (animated) movies and handcrafts

Michael Tandinata

Media Relations

Mike is handling Balinale's media relations as well as key partnerships for the festival where he brings years of experience in luxury high end retailing to good use

Richard James Halstead

Programming Team

Richard is a professional screenwriter and member of the Bali film makers collective. He was the producer and co-writer of the 2015 Directors’ Guild of Canada short film of the year, ‘Made in Bali’, which premiered in Balinale.