Awal: Fate of Human
Saturday, 30 September
Director : Gilang Bayu Santoso
Duration : 27 mins

During the reign of Soekarno, many students were sent by the government to study abroad. Among them are young filmmakers Awal Uzhara, Sjumandjaja, Ami Priono and Zubair Lelo. They were sent to Russia to learn cinematography in prestigious VGIK (The Gerasimove Institute of Cinematography). Later, Sjumandjaja and Ami Priono became popular film makers in Indonesia. But that's not the case for Awal Uzhara. Upon finishing his Master in Moscow, the condition of Indonesian politics worsen after 1965. The background of the country where he studied (The Soviet Union) caused stigma and communist lability which were leaned to him.

Dibawah kepemimpinan Soekarno, banyak pelajar yang dikirim pemeritah untuk belajar di luar negeri. Diantaranya pembuat film muda Awal Uzhara, Sjumandjaja, Ami Priono dan Zubair Lelo. mereka dikirim ke Rusia untuk belajar di VGIK. Namun saat Awal Uzhara tengah  menyelesaikan gelar masternya di Moskwa, kondisi politik di Indonesia memburuk.