Balinale 2007


Balinese Priests at the Festival OpeningBali Taksu Film Festival (now called BALINALE International Film Festival) is launch on 30 November - 4 December 2007. Established by Bali Taksu Indonesia Foundation, the festival provides an opportunity for international filmmakers to screen films to an Indonesian market while giving Indonesian film professionals an international forum in which to present their work. Founded by Christine Hakim, Indonesia’s most acclaimed and internationally recognized film actress and Deborah Gabinetti, director of Bali Film Center, the festival exposes the country’s unique culture, rich story ideas, and diverse locations to the international filmmaking community for consideration of possible future projects.

Salman Aristo presenting certificateEndorsed by Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Bali Governor’s Office, Regency of Badung and Bali Tourism Board. The festival promises to increase cultural exchange, understanding and collaboration between Indonesia and the world by presenting Indonesian films to a global audience and attracting internationally recognizable films and filmmakers to the island for possible future projects.

An important part of the festival’s educational program is supporting free workshops and seminars through the Young Indonesian Film Circle, offering Indonesian students and young filmmakers an opportunity to learn from established industry professionals. The festival provides filmmaking workshops and seminars and participates in film festivals in Indonesia and abroad. This year Film Educational Program includes a Creative Writing Workshop with Salman Aristo, Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, Emmy nominated filmmaker Les Guthman and Indonesia"s award winning director Garin Nugroho plus noted Indonesian actress/producer and festival co-founder Christine Hakim contributing to the first workshop.

Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, Deborah Gabinetti and Lawrence BlairThe film program highlights included the premiere of The 11th Hour documentary film, created, produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, Miguel Covarrubias’ original 1930"s film ’Isle of Bali’, World Premiere of "The Rites of Peace"(Directed and co-written by Marcus Sean McBain, Narrated and co-written by Dr Lawrence Blair, Produced by Mark Tuck and Lucien Thynne) plus the sold out Indonesian Premiere of " The Red Kebaya" (L’Agenda Productions, Malaysia) with the filmmaker Andre Berly attending. Director Richard Oh presented his film “Koper” to a full house and young producer/director Alison Teal Blehert-Koehn for ‘Rita-a True Himalayan Adventure. In addition, there will be a number of environmentally themed films to coincide with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change held on Bali (3-16 December) where there will be a screening of short films from the Student Workshop.

Beginning in the early 1930’s, the exotic island of Bali has attracted trendsetters and filmmakers inspired by Bali’s spirituality, romance and adventure. Bali’s rich film history includes; Andre Roosevelt’s "Goona Goona" (1932), Constance Bennet and husband Henri de la Falaise’s "Legong: Dance of the Virgins" (1935) the last silent film produced by a major Hollywood studio (Paramount International) and anthropological films like Margaret Mead’s "Trance and Dance in Bali", (1952).